Woman gave the bartender her cellphone’s passcode to prove it belonged to her, but what he found out landed her behind bars

A 37-year-old woman, later identified as Ashley, was arrested earlier this month following a peculiar incident at a local restaurant. Ashley is facing serious charges after she inadvertently left her cellphone at the restaurant, leading to the discovery of deeply troubling content. The charges against Ashley include six counts of possessing оbѕсеnе material depicting child рогnоgгaрhу and three counts of video vоуеuгiѕm of a child less than 16 years old.

The investigation was initiated on December 23, 2023, after Ashley left her cellphone at the restaurant and went home. After arriving at her residence, Ashley noticed her phone was missing, so she decided to call the restaurant to look for it. In order to prove to the bartender that the phone belonged to her, she provided them with the passcode. That’s when the illicit content was discovered. They found videos of Ashley engaging in ѕехuаI acts with a small dog, along with video vоуеuгiѕm of two minor children showering. Shocked by the findings, the bartender alerted authorities, leading to a thorough examination of Ashley’s phone. During a forensic review authorized by a search warrant, detectives unearthed not only evidence supporting the initial accusation of bеѕtiаIitу but also video vоуеuгiѕm involving two ргерubеѕсеnt minors.

According to police, Ashley filmed a 6-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl nude in the shower and focused on the children’s genital areas. The distinct nail polish on the hands visible in the videos, which matched Ashley’s, indicated her as the person filming. One particular video that captured the female child showering displayed the filmer’s startled reaction to the child’s sudden turn towards the camera. This panic prompted the person behind the camera to swiftly conceal their action by redirecting the focus away from the child. Further examination revealed that the path for the incriminating videos on Ashley’s phone was labeled as “Telegram-Cloud-Document.” This finding raised concerns due to Telegram’s encryption features and the app’s functionality that deletes files after viewing, making it a preferred platform among individuals with illicit interests in children.

In addition to the vоуеuгiѕtic videos, investigators found three images of child ѕехuаI abuse material involving a female toddler being ѕехuаIIу abused by an adult male, adding to the severity of Ashley’s alleged offenses. To protect the identities of the minor victims, their relationship to Ashley has been redacted from official documents. Ashley is currently being held in the county jail on a $135,000 bond. Conditions set by the court stipulate that, should she post bond, Ashley is to avoid any contact with animals or minors and is barred from internet access. Ashley’s next court appearance is scheduled for April 5.

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