17-year-old girl shot her 4-year-old brother in the head as he lay on the couch before shooting her father multiple times in the back and chest because she had an uncontrollable homicidal urge; arrested!

Police records show that a 17-year-old named Mashenka has been arrested and is facing charges in connection with the shooting deaths of two family members, a crime she contributed to an uncontrollable urge to kill. The incident, a stark instance of domestic violence, led to two fatalities and significant emotional distress for the surviving family member, who was found hiding in the home after the incident.

The charges against Mashenka include two counts of open murder using a deadly weapon and one count of attempted murder with a deadly weapon, according to the Sheriff’s Office records. The victims, her father Justin and her brother, were found dead in their apartment on February 9. During a 911 call, Mashenka confessed to killing her father and brother and told the dispatcher that she had left the firearm, a Walther PPS, at the crime scene. She also told the dispatcher she committed the crime due to a compelling urge to kill, stating, “I just couldn’t resist the urge to kill somebody.”

When law enforcement arrived, they detained Mashenka and discovered her young brother, a child aged approximately 4 or 5 years old, fatally shot in the head and lying on a living room couch. Justin was found in the garage, having suffered from multiple gunshots to his chest and back. Emergency services pronounced both victims dead shortly after their arrival. Fortunately, Mashenka’s younger sister was found alive after police broke into another part of the apartment.

Mashenka was arrested and then transported to the police department headquarters. There, she opted to exercise her right to remain silent after being read a version of the Miranda rights suitable for youths. Initially, Mashenka faced two charges of open murder, but an additional charge of attempted murder was subsequently added. Mashenka is currently held in the county jail without the possibility of bail and is slated for a court appearance on March 28th.

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