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18-year-old faces robbery charges after online encounter turns violent

Coral Springs, Florida – An 18-year-old female from Coral Springs, Victoria Rolon, is facing charges of first-degree armed robbery after she purportedly ensnared a man she acquainted herself with online into a rendezvous, during which two armed men proceeded to rob him.

The victim lodged a complaint with the Coral Springs Police Department on May 30, recounting a frightful encounter upon meeting Rolon, who he met on the internet, in person.

The arrest warrant for Rolon states that the victim had been in communication with Rolon online and over text for a while before they decided to meet in person on May 30. The meeting location was the parking area of an apartment complex, located near the 11300 block of West Sample Road, where Rolon resides.

As per the victim’s account, Rolon had consented to wear a specific dress he had requested, in return for a payment of $170.

Upon his arrival, Rolon is said to have briefly emerged from her residence and conversed with him through his vehicle’s open passenger door, explaining that the dress was still in the dryer.

Growing suspicious due to Rolon’s continued delays, the victim was caught off guard when an African-American man appeared at the front of his car brandishing a handgun, according to the police report.

Panicked, the victim tried to flee his vehicle, only to encounter a second African-American man armed with a gun, who blocked his escape and demanded his possessions. The victim reported that he acquiesced, handing over a gold Cuban link necklace and the $170 earmarked for Rolon.

According to the report, the suspects then rifled through the victim’s vehicle, finding an additional $1,700 in cash before absconding in a black sedan parked at the apartment complex’s entrance.

Rolon, who was still present at the scene, did not leave with the suspects, and instead accused the victim of orchestrating the incident.

The victim’s account was corroborated by a witness residing in the apartment complex, who indicated that Rolon was likely implicated in the robbery. This resident claimed to have seen the suspects’ peculiar behavior and tried to alert the victim by flashing a porch light, but the robbery proceeded too swiftly for further intervention.

The victim subsequently dialed 911 and offered a detailed description of Rolon and the suspects. Rolon’s facial tattoos enabled officers to recognize her from previous cases, also involving theft and male accomplices.

Rolon initially refuted any involvement in the incident but was eventually found to have conspired with a man known as “Gary” through messages discovered on her mother’s iPad.

As per the warrant, exchanges between Rolon and Gary suggested that Rolon was encouraging Gary to expedite the robbery. CSPD is still gathering evidence against Gary, whose identity is not yet fully disclosed.

After thorough investigation, Rolon was apprehended, arrested, and subsequently transported to the Broward County Main Jail on June 26. The investigation into the identities of the two male suspects continues.

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