Mother, who threatened to сut her children’s hands and fingers off when they couldn’t help her find alcohol, told them to turn the oven on as she intended to throw her 3-year-old daughter inside as punishment before another sibling fought his mother to help his little sister; arrested!

A shocking case has recently taken place where a 36-year-old mother, later identified as Lul, was arrested after a dramatic confrontation with law enforcement. Lul is accused of a series of grave offenses, including abusing her husband and subjecting her children to physical and emotional torment, with one instance allegedly involving an attempt to place a child in a hot oven.

Lul was taken into custody on Monday and charged with six counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The arrest followed a tense standoff with a SWAT team. On the morning of February 12, the SWAT team arrived at her residence to serve Lul with arrest warrants. The situation escalated when Lul barricaded herself in the attic, refusing communication. After an hour of failed negotiation attempts, officers deployed chemical agents, leading to Lul’s surrender around 10:50 AM. The investigation into Lul’s actions began after police were called to her home on January 8, 2024. It was reported that Lul had assaulted her husband with a piece of wood from a door frame in front of their six children, causing him visible injuries. Following this incident, Child Protective Services removed the children from the home.

Further investigation brought to light more alarming accusations. Interviews with Lul’s children revealed a pattern of abuse, including a particularly horrifying claim that Lul attempted to “roast” her 3-year-old child in an oven. This claim was supported by the child’s description of the oven being “hot” and causing pain. A 4-year-old sibling corroborated this account, noting that an intervention by their 10-year-old sibling prevented further harm. According to reports, the 10-year-old sibling stepped in and fought his mother when she tried to put his little sister in the oven.

Additionally, the children bore scars and described threats of violence involving a knife. A 6-year-old child’s account was particularly harrowing, describing how Lul threatened to kill them with a cleaver and forced them to help her search for alcohol. At one instance, when they couldn’t find the alcohol, Lul became angry and threatened to cut their hands and fingers off, the 6-year-old said during an interview. This child also recounted the oven incident, saying that Lul told them to turn the oven on so that she could put the 3-year-old girl in there as punishment for not finding alcohol. It was revealed that the children took measures to hide knives to protect themselves from threats.

Tests revealed that all six children had cocaine in their systems, adding a layer of substance abuse to the already dire situation. Following her arrest, Lul was taken into jail with a bond set at $600,000. Despite the overwhelming evidence and the detailed accounts from her children, Lul denied the allegations of abuse during her police interview.

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