Man who worked as a babysitter for several families used his role to prey on children and sexuaIIy assault at least three of them for years, with one victim aged 6 when the man began raрing him for months before a family reported the babysitter for inappropriately touching their child

According to court records, a 26-year-old man who was accused of sexuaIIy assaulting at least three children, with one victim as young as 6-year-old, while he worked as a babysitter was first charged with six counts of raрe accompanied by sexuaIIy violent predator specifications, three counts of gross sexuaI imposition, and one count of importuning following his arrest, but after reaching an agreement with prosecutors, he entered a guilty plea for two counts of third-degree felony gross sexuaI imposition and two counts of first-degree felony raрe and received a lengthy prison term.

The actions of the 26-year-old man, identified as Timothy, who used his role as a babysitter to conduct his “evil intentions” came to light when the parents of a 9-year-old he used to “take care of” accused him of inappropriately touching the young boy and filed a complaint with authorities against him. These serious accusations prompted authorities to conduct an investigation into the alleged sexuaI abuse and quickly delve into the case, uncovering several cases of sexuaI abuse that spanned several years. As the investigation unfolded, it became evident that Luna had used his position as a babysitter to prey on children. This led to a broad examination of his activities in various communities, ultimately revealing the full extent of his crimes.

Investigators found that he was hired by a babysitting website that, despite requiring applicants to complete a background check, accepted his application based on the information he posted, and families in need of a babysitter or senior care could choose him from the list of caregivers. According to the findings of the investigation, Timothy had committed a series of abuses dating back to 2018 across at least three different communities. However, one of the most shocking findings was that Timothy repeatedly raрed a 6-year-old child he was supposed to babysit for an extended period of time, from December 2021 to June 2022.

As part of the guilty plea, Timothy was designated as a Tier III sexuaI offender and was ordered to register as a sexuaI offender with the sheriff’s office every 90 days following his release from prison. He was sentenced at the end of October to 15 to 20 1/2 years in a state correctional facility. Following his arrest, the babysitting website removed Timothy from their site and blocked him from possible re-enrolment.

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